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Top Quality
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Reliable, Guaranteed Service
Top Quality
Fast Delivery
Reliable, Guaranteed Service
Top Quality
Fast Delivery
Reliable, Guaranteed Service
Top Quality
Fast Delivery
Reliable, Guaranteed Service
Top Quality
Fast Delivery
Reliable, Guaranteed Service

Important! If your Instagram account is set to "Private" you must set it to public before and during your campaign. If your acount is set to "private" during your campaign, the campaign will fail. Once the campaign is complete you can switch back to private. Delivery: Campaigns are setup within 24 hours of purchase, and typically complete within 96 hours from the time you place your order. We do not guarantee instant delivery, however we strive to provide the fastest service possible.

Our primary database of users is 30,000 . If you need/want more than 15,000 we can provide them. Please Contact us for larger/custom/combined service orders.

We also offer an Unlimited Instagram Likes program where we can send hundreds or thousands of likes to each and every new photo you post... likes across all of your new instagram photos every day, no limit! Whether you are looking to buy Instagram Followers, Buy Instagram Likes or ANY other social media likes or followers, your are at the source. Let FollowKings get you noticed.

Like most social media applications today, Instagram can automatically connect to your other social applications. When you connect your Instagram photos to Facebook and other websites, other Instagram members can like them and start to follow you on a regular basis. Instagram also allows you to digitally edit the photos you uploaded so that they will look better. If you want to get higher rankings and popularity as an Instagram member, Buy Instagram followers cheap and get your site or product noticed.

Why buy Instagram followers cheap?

On August 6th, 2014, CNN iReport featured an article about the ever growing demand for buying social media followers, specifically Instagram followers and likes. Their review was that buying followers should not be the only method you use, but it certainly is one to add to your arsenal of marketing tactics. The article features a much more expensive social media service provider, but still shows the value that buying social media followers and likes can bring to you

Reasons to buy Instagram followers

  • Quickly and easily become more popular on Instagram today! One benefit of buying Instagram followers cheap is you get more popularity from Instagram followers that you want to target with your photos and videos.
  • Promote your Services on Instagram! Visual appeal is important in small business marketing and you can increase your exposure and interest in your services by purchasing Instagram followers. If you own a yogurt shop and you want more potential customers to learn more about your products, you can buy Instagram followers and send links of photos of your yogurt selections to these followers to get them interested.
  • Viral Instagram content. Another benefit of having Instagram followers is that you can easily make your pictures to go viral, especially if they are interesting. If you have just released new products, take pictures showing the different benefits the users are likely to enjoy, including an indication of your website. Most people love new things and want to try them. If you have hundreds or even thousands of followers, the photos uploaded by you can be shared with other followers, and within some hours, you could have millions of people viewing them and visiting your site.
  • Become a celebrity!!! You need to have things that encourage your followers to continue following you. Great photos on Instagram will help you to be popular and if you want to grow your following,upload attractive images about interesting topics or things that are useful to the viewer. You will slowly grow your following. IF you want to give your number of followers a jump start, Buy Instagram Followers from Followkings!
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